Useful Information

Useful Information


The below link will take you as far as google can manage before it gets into a bit of a muddle. You're very close to the property once you reach where google stops. At the junction, take the right signed ‘Golden Valley’.

Turn immediately left down the hill and you will see the ‘Bungalows Los Alcazares’ sign 30m on the right. Turn into the urbanisation, which is one way, and follow the road round until you reach number 25.

Any problems, just call me on what’s app and I can talk you through.



You can use the driveway in font of the house.


The front door key is in a key safe located to the left of the front door. The code will be sent to you via What's App. Once in the property, please replace the key in the safe box and use the duplicate one hung on the right as soon as you enter.

Repeat this in revese when you check out.


I have prepared the right hand side bedroom for you. There are extra pillows in the wardrobe. Feel free to store your luggage in the bedroom on the left.

Bedroom (cont.)

If you require the heater in the bedroom, please do not leave it on while you are out and be respectful of the energy it will be using.


You are welcome to use both downstairs and upstairs bathrooms.

Utility room

Spare towels, toilet rolls and an iron are in the white cupboard. Please use the coloured towels for the beach.

Should you need to do any washing, the liquid is on top of the machine. It’s fairly self explanatory, choose the 15/30 min cycle then select ‘Speed’ 15 mins ‘Inico’ will start the cycle.

There’s a rack to dry items in the utility room. I usually put clothes out to dry on the terrace which gets morning sun.


Keys to access the garden and terrace are in the doors. Should you require the gas fire, the controls are behind the guard on the right. Please be respectful of the energy it will be using.

Please ensure it is not left on while you are out.


I have a selection of young fruit trees in the garden. The Pomello fruit (pink grapefruit) is almost ripe. You are welcome to try a couple if you wish, the remaining trees still have a way to go.

I have an automatic watering system so don’t be surprised if you hear it kick in a couple of times during your stay at 6pm in the evening.


The cooker is electric and the hob gas, use the black lighter on the right to light the hob (it doesn't have an auto ignition). Feel free to use all utensils including the Nutribullet and juicer.

The bin is under the sink with spare bags in the cupboard. Just outside the urbanisation, there are recycling bins for glass, plastic and general waste. Please take all waste to the communal bins upon checking out .

Checking out

Please leave used towels on the floor in your bedroom. Ensure all doors are locked and the gas fire/electric radiator is turned off.

When leaving the property, hang the key you have been using on the hook by the front door and access the key from the safe. Use this to lock the door and place the key back in the safe.